Kevin Tydlaska-Dziedzic

It is my passion and goal to create reliable, emotional, and relatable pieces while promoting a very distinctive collaborative and creative environment. I am constantly surrounded by music and dancing. I have zero worries about judgement. I believe when you walk by a spray painted "dance spot" on the sidewalk, you dance. I believe when you hear your favorite song you blast the volume and sing at the top of your lungs. I believe the moment you feel a twinge of emotion during a film you let it go and embody that emotion. I believe in every moment being an experience to remember. 

Born in Roswell New Mexico, it was at an early age I developed a creative eye. Raised in the Foster system, adopted as a teenager, then out on the street at eighteen shaped the artist I have become today. My early twenties brought about a major shift in my life and after loosing my best friend to suicide I decided to pursue my dreams without wasting another day. Within one week I sold my car, sublet my apartment, stored my furniture and flew to New York City with just two suitcases. New York City saved me. It became my friend, my counselor and sparked a creativity within me that had been lost for quite some time. A few years in to my New York City shift, I began film school at the School of Visual Arts, held an internship with CBS photo, teamed up on a few projects with Mike Ruiz Photography, joined the UCB Improv school, and best of all, met my husband. After a few years in film I eventually decided to finish my BFA in Commercial Photography from the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design.

While traveling for work between Colorado, New York and Florida I continue to learn something new every day and push myself to create pieces that inspire, motivate, and positively impact humanity. 

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